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Don't trust the plaster repair work on your home to just any contractor. You need a plaster specialist to restore your home's walls and ceiling to their former elegance. Speak with Plastering by Eric Aulbach in Saint Louis today!

My passion for plaster

Although Plastering by Eric Aulbach was started in 2003, I have 30 years' experience in the plaster industry. I began working with my father as a pre-teen and my dad taught me the trade under the most strict Dutch manner: "Give your best effort everyday and learn from your mistakes so that you can become better at your craft." 

These are the words I live by every day and is why I am often recommended by clients after completing the work for them. I've been featured in St. Louis Homes Magazine and certified by EIFS Synthetic Stucco and Stucco Italiano.

For excellence in plaster repair and installation, call (314) 479-1402 today.

I'm always prepared for the job

When you call for your free plaster consultation, I always arrive at your appointment promptly and prepared. I'm likely the only plasterer who will show up with a moisture meter. 

That's because if you're in need of plaster repair work, it's often due to water damage. Many times the situation calls for the need to determine whether or not the plaster is dry enough to repair, and that requires a moisture test. There is a $25 charge for base line moisture readings. But in many cases, this is not necessary.

For plaster ceilings and plaster walls made to look like new again, get in touch with me today!

Your satisfaction matters to me

When it comes to plaster work, such as Venetian plaster, stucco, and ornamental plastering, quality matters. A botched job is far too noticeable and unacceptable. My team and I take pride in their craftsmanship and rarely have any callbacks upon completion. 

If you're unsatisfied, we will always do our best to make you happy. Ready to get started? Call today!
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More About Me

I am a self-described "Plaster Geek". My Passion is plastering. It is my love. I am one of the happy few who like what they do. And since I like it, I excel at it. Every job is different in some aspect and therefore a new challenge. 

I have worked my whole life to hone my skills. I have read most of the major books on the subject. Yes, there are actually books about plasterering. I own one of the rarest books of all: Plastering Plain & Decorative, by William Millar; 1897. It is the most comprehensive history on the subject. 

Even when I travel or go on vacation the sites I go to see are all related to my trade. I have thousands of pictures of plaster work from through out the world, from the very primitive to the most elaborate. 

Meeting other plasterers from other parts of the world is also an interest to me. And I never let language be a barrier to communication with a fellow plasterer. Just a few hand movements that mimic the familiar movements of the trade creates instant understanding. 

I'm clean-cut, well mannered, educated, articulate and also engaging with my customers. I ask questions about the projects much like a doctor to their patients. I delve into what they are trying to accomplish so that I can give them the best possible solution. 

Attended Drury University 84-88; BA Business/History Minor. 

Attended Pasadena City College with a certificate of completion in the printing trade. Yes, I could take apart an AB Dick 360 and put it back together - blind folded. 

Member of the California and Missouri National Guard. 02-09. Proud cook of the 128th Field Artillery, Battery A and the 1175th MPs. I also could break down my M-16 and reassemble it blind folded! I do miss those days. My most memorable moment was helping to rescue survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in September of 2005. 

Former partner and Western U.S. director of sales and server co-location sites for ConeXus Telecom. An early pioneer in Voice-Over-IP long distance. 

I am still a bit shy of my MBA with Telecom emphasis, but I had an epiphany one day that Plaster was my real calling. So I dropped out and never looked back... with no regrets. 
For skilled plaster repair, get in touch with Plastering by Eric Aulbach.
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